Why Choose Us

Why Choose Pakistan Skin Care Center

There are numerous quality hair restoration surgeons who can perform quality hair transplantation procedures.

In the last decade the hair restoration specialty has refined surgical techniques that produce natural looking frontal hairlines. At our surgical facility, we perform FUE  hair restoration procedures. We are a patient centered surgical facility where personal care and attention is given to every patient. We solely specialize in medical and surgical correction of hair loss and other scalp and hair disorders.

Techniques and Our Qualification

We distinguished ourselves from other offices because we primarily focus on FUE surgery with latest technologies available throughout the world. We offer the most modern modalities and technology to ensure graft survivability such as HypoThermosol, graft chilling, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) , and STEM cell (ADSC) therapy. Our hair restoration physician and surgeon, Dr. Rajesh, is a member of the Pakistan Association of Dermatology and Member of Dermatology Association in Bangkok (Thailand) and Japan. This is the reason many physicians select Dr. Rajesh to perform their hair surgery.

Our Promise

We make it easier for prospective patients to understand hair restoration, its benefits and limitations. The decision to have hair transplantation is a significant decision even though the procedures are actually quite simple to perform. We promise to give you the most complete information in a warm, relaxed professional atmosphere so that you can make the best possible decision for you. Your private consultation is with our consular and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Rajesh.

We are loyal

Whether or not you decide to have hair restoration, or if you decide to have a procedure somewhere other than our surgical facility, patient education is our goal. We want you to be fully informed of your options.  Patient safety and education is of primary concern to our staff. We always want our surgeries to be safe and patients fully informed decision on their for hair restoration surgery.